Of those who dare not ever give up. The phrase is spoken lightly. That case is not one who has shown several times. A similar miracle did the wife, who was eight years in a wheelchair. Indeed, these are not just your wedding day the bride stood up from the chair, but also dance with your life partner. Who was this woman, Know …
The woman’s name is visible Jackie, who never used to be sharp and witty Svimr. But during a swimming accident at the age of 17, Jackie’s spinal cord injury has occurred. Because no part of this from his neck down was not working. After all the doctors claimed that the treatment would not be standing again Jackie. But Jackie did not lose hope and was standing on his feet in 6 months.
But with the body because they had not stayed on the wheelchair. During those eight years had never seen Jackie ever arise again. Exactly a year ago, but the wedding a pledged Jackie. Her wedding day she decided that she will not just standing, but will also dance with her husband.
Jackie worked for a year at the gym. Suffered extreme pain in the beginning, but in the end he did Jackie, who was thinking of Medical Sciences. Wedding day sitting in a wheelchair with his family in the church came by Jackie. But suddenly she stood up to her future husband, tears flowing from the eyes of the groom.