Do you ever see anyone while raising tiger? Or buy a car to replace the tank is heard? Illegal first will take you this. Let me tell you just to make it all work is banned in India. In some countries of the world including the US, there are no restrictions on these activities. Today we are going to tell you things like that which 10 are in India but other countries Legal Illegal. Dogs can sail replace Tiger …

US States in addition to Canada’s nine tiger is legal to buy a pet. Pet tiger are fairly easy to find in the US. For this you will have to spend about 67 thousand rupees. Currently, in the US there are about 12 thousand pet tiger.
These countries may be publically Nude
Illegal be some countries in the world where there is publically Nude. Germany, Spain, in addition to parts of the Netherlands you can undress in public. Easy Listening Tan Nude beeches in Europe you can enjoy swimming.
Eating human flesh
In the US, there are no restrictions on eating human flesh. However, you will be punished to murder. According to the US if you get any of the dead body and then you can eat the meat. However, UK on the human meat was banned in 1800.
Can drinking Anderaj
45 States in the US have permission to drink to children. There are different rules about drinking some States on the basis of religious purpose, some medical region have permission to take alcohol. It is not necessary for 21 years.

Girls under the skirt of the photograph Ligl
US under the skirts of girls is Ligl to click photos. Illegal in Texas a few days ago to do so can Hakkr cousin marriage
Cousin marriage is legal in 11 US States. For this you just have to take a marriage license. If we talk about the Middle Asia, here is illegal.
Tanks can buy
Nothing in the world is a country where Ligl buy tanks. While in the US if you have the money you can buy tanker trains instead. Not just to buy, you can run these tankers.
Relations with pets can make physical
US and Canada, people with pets have permission to physically Intimate. While in California caught a 6-month prison sentence, you could be.