Vexed by the idea of counting your calories after every time you eat anything just to lose weight? You no longer need to be counting to lose those extra kilos. You can now lose weight just by keeping in mind these simple points. They might sound futile at first, but their implementation can give your wondrous results. So, why wait?
1. When you hear vanilla, you are reminded of vanilla cakes or vanilla ice creams, things which won’t help but worsen your diet routine. You’ll be shocked to know that while as an ingredient it is no good for weight loss but its aroma can help you cut those not-so-required cravings for unhealthy food. And no craving means cutting down on unhealthy food consumption. You can also sniff on peppermint for similar results.
2. Ever saw yourself eating? If not, hang a mirror in the dining room and look yourself while you eat. According to a study, people who look at themselves while eating end up eating less, helping them in cutting on junk food. Also, if going out for a dinner at a friend’s place, make sure the hostess can see you while eating, this will make you reconsider your choice of eating unhealthy. Strange, but it works.
3. Okay, this might sound simply inefficacious but it actually works. So every time you eat something unhealthy, consider contrasting your dishes with your food. For instance, if you are eating red sauce pasta, don’t opt for a red plate to go with it. Instead go for a white one. This way, it will help you keep a track of the amount of food you are eating and you won’t end up eating in excess.
4. Not that we are encouraging you to watch television while eating, but honestly speaking, we all do that instead of it being repeatedly discouraged. So why not do it smartly? Binge on to all those chips while watching comedies, eating them while watching any action or sad movie will escalate your consumption.
5. Stress! Although this six letter word is related to us mentally, but no second thought to the fact that it affects our body physically as well. It induces the release of stress hormone called cortisol, which leads to increased belly fat. So why not bid adieu to it?
6. Ever wondered as to why most of the exotic hotels and restaurants have dim lights? It is because soft lights help stress fade away and make conversations interesting. This makes you enjoy your meal and take longer for you to finish it, making you consume fewer calories.
7. Sounds weird right? How can the size of your spoon/fork help you lose weight? Well, studies depict so. People using long elegant eating utensils tend to savour their food more, take longer time between their bites and thus eat less.
8. It’s about playing with your mind. Have you ever realized that while doing any purchase with debit/credit card you care less about the money spent. While at the same time considering cash to buy even a can of coke might make you think over. The idea of digging out money from your pocket to buy a truffle can stop you from such cravings.