Fungus and Toenails
Toenails and fungus go hand in hand. More than half of the nail diseases are caused by fungal infections. While you may not find it important to take care until it has caused harm, you can prevent the problems by avoiding the risk factors. Here are some risk factors of toenail fungal infection. Image Courtesy: Getty
Family History
Toenail fungal infection can be caused by heredity putting some people at higher risk of developing the problem as compared with others. If people in your family are prone to toenail infections, you should also be more careful at avoiding the problem. Image Courtesy: Getty

Health Conditions
Several medical conditions and their symptoms may also increase the risk of developing a toenail fungal infection. People with conditions such as poor circulation, diabetes, HIV or other diseases that affect the normal immune response may be at higher risk. You should be extra careful if you have a chronic health condition. Make sure that you keep your feet clean and dry. Image Courtesy: Getty
Whether you wear boots for your job or just for style, the poor ventilation in them may gallow fungus a better environment to grow and infect the toenails. Even if you have to wear boots, choose a pair that allows proper ventilation to your feet. Wear fresh pair of socks inside your boots to minimize the fungal growth. Image Courtesy: Getty
Nail Paint
Nail paint may make your toes look pretty; however, it can also allow fungus to grow around your toenails. Nail paint blocks light, thus allowing fungus to grow much easily on your toenails. Avoid unnecessary nail paint whenever you can. Image Courtesy: Getty
Closed High heels
High heels also put your feet at higher risk of developing fungal infection. High heels usually put maximum pressure on your toes, blocking proper ventilation to them. Wearing such footwear for long may allow fungus to grow and infect your toenails. Image Courtesy: Getty
Nail Clippers
If you have the habit of borrowing toenail care accessories from others, you are surely at risk of developing fungal infection. Nail clippers may carry fungus from the previous user’s toenails. Avoid sharing your toenail care toolkit and wash it properly before use. Image Courtesy: Getty
Runners also need to worry about toenail fungus as they tend to run longer distances with legs drenched in sweat. Sweat and heat inside your running shoes provide perfect environment for fungus to grow. Choose running shoes that allow your feet to stay dry and clean. Image Courtesy: Getty

Wearing tight clothes and pantyhose may cause extra sweat leading to sweaty feet. All of this puts your toenails at a higher risk of toenail fungal infection. Avoid tight jeans and hosiery; also change clothes soon once sweaty. Image Courtesy: