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Lion, tiger and python is considered the most dangerous in the world, such as organisms. Go in front of them means death. But too many people in the world are not afraid of these dangerous creatures and they fearlessly go between them. Moreover, these animals do not harm them. Many people have had their homes too dangerous organisms sail. Today we are going to tell you about 10 people. The dragon is the child’s safety …
Python also among the world’s most dangerous organisms are used. Few people dare to go near it, are able to generate. But living Uvorn Cambodia Sambath is Python’s best friend. He not only plays with Python, but sleeps with him, too. Uvorn’s mother had said that a snake in my dream will protect my son. A few days later, they came to our house small python. We then transferred to the Forest Department, but the next day he appeared again in our home. Now he is my son’s best friend. He protects our family. This is not a threat to us.