Makeup is a tricky subject and if you’re anything like me, you probably love makeup but you’re hopeless at getting that eyeliner straight. So what if there were a few specific things you had to avoid during your makeup? That would probably make the job a lot easier.

Even if you weren’t getting it right at all times, at least you know what to avoid. So I found out a few important but very common mistakes women make while applying makeup and here’s how you can avoid them easily.

So here’s another step towards a flawless makeup.

1. Not applying foundation on the lips.

Applying foundation cream on the lips could work as a primer. It will definitely bring out the essence of your lip color and make it last longer as well.

2. You’re powdering your whole face.

Make sure you apply powder only on the oily areas like the T-zone. If you’re powdering your entire face, it would make your makeup look cakey.

3. You apply eyeliner on your full lash lines.

While applying liner on your top and bottom lash lines, make sure you only cover 2/3rd of the portion. This way, you avoid smudging and prevent your eyes from looking too small.

4. You’re shaking your mascara tube a bit too much.

It is a common myth that shaking the tube will cause the mascara inside to even out and not dry easily. But that’s pretty much the opposite. It will cause the air and bacteria inside the tube to mix with your mascara reducing its life.
Hence, if you want an even mascara application, try rolling the tube between your palms next time.