The average weight of a baby at birth ranged from approximately two and a half kilos is between four and a half kilos. But sometimes come across such a case, when either a child’s weight is too high, or low. The recent issue of the low weight of the baby came in Germany. Will surprise you, but to tell the baby weighs just 227 grams at birth. Length is just 8.6 inches …
Vuitton was born in Germany in just 25 weeks, the baby’s name is Emilia Grabrjik, whose length is just 8.6 inches. At birth did not expect anyone to avoid it, but now has to improvement. 9 months after birth Emilia’s body parts are fairly common as children grow. Doctors are also improvements in Emilia surprised and delighted. Doctors at Emilia ‘Little Fighter’ call.
Now more than 3 kg weight
Constant supervision of doctors in the hospital are carrying the weight of the growing Emilia. Where it was only 227 grams at birth, after 9 months, while its weight has increased by more than 3 kg. According to reports Emilia survive despite such a low weight baby has become the first. Before the record was a girl’s name, a resident of Chicago, whose weight was 243 grams.
St Mary’s Hospital undergoing treatment in Germany is Emilia. Head of the Clinic for Children and Youth, Dr. Bahman Garavi children with the birth weight of 400 grams happens, they are able to survive even the most difficult. The survival of Emilia is not a miracle.