People are peculiar hobby. Take them now, these girls dream is to be like Barbie doll. They spend millions for it. Surgery to bring a doll and clothes have to purchase them.
Everyone wants to meet everyday Dakota. Those 19 years old, and his face is quite similar to Barbie doll. As a result, they have become popular in countries like Japan and China.
15-year-old Venus Palermo like dolls from childhood was to become obsessed. Angelique Venus to mention the name of the teenager is also running a tutorial on YouTube, making her fans to become like him.
Model and actress Lily Cole are quite popular because of their Gudianuma face.
Born on September 20, 1988 and an advertiser model Lin Tong is 172 centimeters long.
The Elodea Gosingfio Philippines are an award-winning Cospleyr. But they are not popular in the world for its design and creativity but also because they are popular because they are cute than real characters they are acting.
Chinese high school student Wang Jiaun Korean doll like face on the Internet are popular because of their. Its length is 164 cm and weight 42 kg. Their name comes to the top in the Korean website Top search queries.