Midnight Blue
Red and green aren’t the only holiday-appropriate shades. A rich navy blue with silver shimmer is a vibrant way to wear glitter for Christmas.
Half & Half
It looks complicated, but it’s surprisingly easy. Start with a glossy navy polish, then add a swipe of gold in the middle, and finish it off with a midnight matte shade.
Merry Matte
This festive combo from Goose’s Glitter blogger is far from childish. In fact, it’s quite sophisticated, especially the shiny French tips.
Deck the Nails
These nails are so delicate and pretty, they look more like holiday watercolor painting than a manicure. If your hair is a little less steady, this almost-abstract design is perfect for you.
Wrapping Paper
Metallics will always be a favorite texture of nail art enthusiasts, but you can add your own unique touch with tiny gold accents toward the bottom of your nails.
Chevron Chic
Once you’ve mastered the art of chevron, a.k.a. that fun zig-zag pattern on the outer nails of this mani, you can use it with any color combo for any holiday. Still, it looks prettiest in a holiday manicure complete with gold glitter.
Navy Studs
If your style is one part elegant and two parts edgy, this cool jewelry-inspired manicure is perfect for you.