Uri in Kashmir since the attacks in Pakistan’s fear of nuclear power and the frequent threat to India is showing. World powers involved in nuclear weapons is the most dangerous. The biggest in the area devastated by the moment may be. But Pakistan is not the only country, which is nuclear power. Pakistan, India has more than a nuclear bomb. The US was the first to use the …
Please tell the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, the first time the US had. After the devastation caused by the two cities were not used. However, for a ban on nuclear weapons now, most countries have agreed. Nevertheless, some countries would not have stopped testing nuclear weapons.
One such country is North Korea, which conducted tests of nuclear power a few months ago. Please tell the North Korean nuclear weapons test on October 9, 2006 was the first time. It has about 10 nuclear bombs.

Most active nuclear weapons to America
When it comes to nuclear weapons, the Americans are the most nuclear power. An estimated 7,700 Americans have nuclear weapons. 2150 of these weapons are active. Was first used by the US in 1945. However, now the CTBT (Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty) was signed.
The more nuclear weapons to Russia
Russia has a total of 8,500 nuclear weapons, which are even higher than the US. However, in the case of active nuclear weapons Russia is still behind the US. It has 1740 active nuclear weapons. Russia was first tested in 1949 in nuclear power.
United Kingdom
UK approximately 225 nuclear bombs, of which 150 are active. UK was first used in 1952
UK Nuclear Tests was later France. It has 300 nuclear weapons, of which 290 are active.
China’s first nuclear test was in 1964. It now has 240 nuclear weapons, although none of these is not active. China is the second country after the US, which has the signature on the CTBT.
India first tested nuclear weapons in 1974. The number of 110 to 120 nuclear weapons. However, none of these is not active. India has not signed the CTBT.
Pakistan to use nuclear weapons in 1988, a total number of 120 to 130 nuclear weapons exist.