Which country and which city to visit when it is difficult to deciding. It is difficult to be easy for you here. Here, we are the world’s most visited cities are going to tell you about. The report by the London-based market research firm Euromonitor International Limited is released. This report has been released this year. How many people came to these cities in 2014. The report explained. More than 270 million visitors arrived here …
Hong Kong is considered the world’s most safe city. The temples and trams make it popular. Here you can eat: the Tasty food. According to experts, should be free to explore every corner.
In 2014, more than 170 million visitors arrived here. The British Museum, the Royal National Theatre and galleries as well as the vast range of restaurants and bars. There are also sports events.
More than 160 million visitors arrived in Bangkok in 2014. South East it is called the Anijmetik City. The combination of tradition and Mordniti get to see both.
In 2014 reached 130 million visitors. Dubai is known for its rich culture. But even here, however, is Illegal Gambling means fun for all.
In 2014, more than 140 million visitors arrived in Macau. It is the world’s fourth most richest territory. This city is known for its great culture. The casino, dining and Driking is very famous.
New York
1.2 million visitors arrived in New York in 2014. The world’s most exciting city is called. More than any city in the world, bar, restaurant and the Museum.
In 2014 more than 140 million visitors arrived. Once here you will find always something new to discover. The new bar and restaurant are always open. The latest on the gallery as well as gardens, workshops and Eminent Research Insttyut can also be explored.
More than 170 million visitors arrived in Singapore in 2014. The gardens are beautiful. The waterfront garden is 30 meters high waterfall.