The adventure does not roam alone. Everyone in your life wants to solo trip. It seems funny to hear some of the things on this trip can be dangerous to ignore. There are few cities in the world where to travel alone is tough. So far more than crime weather condition is not good. On the trip, be sure to check before the list once. The list released by If your list is not far from the dangerous …
Mexico City, Mexico
Kidnapping in Mexico City, there are events such as theft and assault. The government here to go to certain places in terms of security warning is given. Mexico City If you want to go alone or with guides to the group.
Detroit, Mich
While Detroit is trying to come out of the image but it still contains the most dangerous cities. The theft, sexual assault, murder incidents happen in street to street.
According to the website in 2015. It has more than 50 human deaths.
Lima, Peru
Camper and hang out in Lima is the first of Warne. Here is the worst crime in the more tourist areas. Street crime is higher in places like the Central Plaza. Pocket garden, fraud Faineshiyl transaction is very easy here. Here alone can be turned around. Continue to strive to make this city safe.
Memphis, Tennessee
Memfis not go alone. According to the 2015 FBI’s ranking includes the country’s three most Danger City. Crime is high due to poverty. The bike theft, arson is common.
In view of the growing crime rate in the capital has been included in the list. Chan Snacing travel company according to Trip Advisor and are Gtnana like Pocket kill. The place to hang out with anyone.
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
San Pedro Sula, Honduras, is located in the north. It is largely Trafking arm. According to the World Atlas murder rate here is very high. It’s dangerous to go alone in Central Prkyu.
Birmingham Alabama
Efforts are being made to reduce the murder rate. According to Law Street Media murder rate of 30 / 100,000 and Crime Rate 1,345 / 100,000. The city is also not safe.
St. Louis
The city’s crime rate is very high. The murder rate is even higher. It is not safe to walk alone ones.