Today we are going to tell you about some of the world countries whose area is less than the Indian state of Delhi. This is because these countries is very easy walking. According to travel websites, these countries you can move around in a day. As a reminder, the 1484 sq km area of Delhi. Famous for no diving, no music …
Aijl Isle, Aris C., 572 sq km
Well it is a British island, but because of self-governing, it is also considered as a country. The beautiful island is known for hosting World Championship motorcycle racing. The area is only 572 square kilometers. Flight from England or the speed is reachable via ferry. Around 84 thousand people of the population.
Andorra, Europe, 468 Sq Km
It is a land locked country in southwest Europe. Its area is 468 square kilometers. Spanish culture in the country located between Spain and France to see the people. Barcelona can be reached in 3 hours. The population is approximately 76,000. Lure people to come here quite beautiful mountain.
Grenada, Caribbean Sea, 344 Sq Km
It is also called Island of Spice. Nutmeg is the largest producer in the world. Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, located in the middle of the area is only 344 square kilometers. It is the first French and later British colony. The French influence can still be seen. Folklore, spicy food can come and hang out here for the annual carnival.
St. Kitts and Nevis, 261 Sq Km
Adventure diving and marine life unique to ENJOY the camper is considered the favorite. The area is only 261 square kilometers. Music Festival and Street Dance for different this place is known for.
Malta, 316 Sq Km
Malta is also known as medical tourism destination. This is due to better health services here. Four and a half square kilometers with 316 million population lives in Malta. Many World Heritage Site and famous shrines. In addition, there are many places of architectural importance, which tourists are quite imitates.
Lichtenstin, 160 sq km
16 miles walking the length of the country can be measured. Therefore, it’s seeks hikers come once in this country. The German language is spoken in the country located in Central Europe and is known for winter sports. It is ruled by the royal family and the country’s total area is 160 sq km.
San Marino, 61 sq km
San Marino is the oldest constitutional republic itself claims to be. The area is 61 sq km. The country is said about the population of people over the number of trains. People come here for the beautiful mountains.