Saudi Arabia is known for abused women. Discover the secret of the men in this country. But now reports are coming out, her ugly face of the whole world in front of the living Amirjadon arrived. The nobleman, who suffered the brunt of the war in Syria, bringing girls bought. 70-year-old 13-year-old girls are looking for …

The refugee camp in Saudi Arabia in the Middle East these days is engaged gathering of nobles. Indeed, this place is living in these camps is a playground of Kridfrokht girls. These Amirjade living in these camps with little girls buy the Saudi move. The more the age of the girl, the more the rate is imposed. The camp, 70-year-old who came from Saudi Arabia are also included. Admires the girls of 13 years.

Married for a short time every day to rape
These girls go out from the camps of Syria, Saudi Arabia Life is worse than Hell. They force these girls to rape them married. These marriages are characterized by just filling in the minds of the rich. Once the girl bored with their heart, then leave them.

9 thousand are sold at half the girls

Refugee camps, only half these girls are sold in 9 thousand. However, most of these girls would have been separated from their families, so many men from Saudi Arabia to buy these girls come to Syria. They buy and take with Saudi Arabia.

Does not have any conflict
Saudi Arabia know all about running this abominable game. But so far there is no word of any Imam in protest. It replaced to prevent the Libyan imam stated that the man that he is worth to buy the girl, then what’s the harm in it?