These 7 are unsolved puzzles of space and Earth, which still remains mystery

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UFO Sightings Daily website, according to the Buenos Aires, a short distance from the island on which were seen hanging around a circle. According to the hunters aliens, fake-looking aliens is home to the Island actually. However, scientists do not consider this thing. But the Earth and space-related secrets, which are still unresolved. What is the truth of the pit ... Siberia's mysterious pit Mystery of the Yamal Peninsula in Siberia became a giant pit has not yet solved. They first discovered in 2014, has since then continued research. First it was reported to be due to meteoroid collisions. Experts then exerted pressure on the ground blamed on the increased heat. However, some 'geothermal heat flux', some attributed to the underground methane gas leakage. However, the root cause was not out yet.

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