Like many of the world’s governments and military activities are secret. American military power is considered among the world’s various military. Today we are going to tell the US military involved in some secret facts. These facts are quite startling and America do not ever want to learn more about these. Built somewhere secret prison bunker somewhere …
Secret Military Base in Nevada
A secret US military base in Nevada, which did not know about the world by 2016. The US military base is hiding information. Secret base built in the desert many times you have seen the aircraft flying. It also has been named Area 6. Revelations security experts did not even know about it. According to reports, the US-sensitive sensors on the testing of unmanned aircraft is carrying. These aircraft Advance Wars strategy can help drive.
9 storey bunker below the building
Grand Central Terminal in New York, all the people know about. There is a very substantial movement of people, but very few people know that there is a secret military bunker. According to the report, the nine-storey building military bunker below -42 M has been named. It was built in the time of World War Two.
For North Korea’s spy submarine
America in 2004 was a highly effective submarine launched, aimed at North Korea’s spy had secret ways. This advanced technology is that the enemy submarine submarine typical of these could attack without having to stir. More information about the United States Navy and the public is not. Moreover, the submarine aircraft and weapons in space is worth keeping.
Afghan prison
There are many debates about the war in Afghanistan, but few people know about it, apart from the US prison for Afghans scored. However, in 2009, Barack Obama’s administration had claimed that the “black sites” (also called the Afghan prison) have been abolished. But later claimed in a 2011 report that the government is hiding the truth, because there are still ongoing Afghan prison where Pentagon officials are rude with Afghans. The report spoke of the 20 Afghan prison.
Project MK-ULTRA
Cold War when the US institution CIA Mind Control Experiments on. Some drugs were used on humans. However, CIA Director Richard Helms in 1973. Later he ordered the destruction of documents connected to it all. It also came to light that the project spent $ 200 million were
Secret Military Base in Utah
The Secret of the US Military Base in Utah is Tule. Heard rumors about it is like, as some reports indicate that the testing of weapons would Latest Biological and Chemical Warfare Tactics and some say that the test is done too. Consipiresi different theory about it on the Internet exists.
Secret Area -51
The US Secret Area near Las Vegas is -51. The American CIA agents work day and night. The CIA agents are sworn to what is going on here, it will not tell anything to anyone. Secret Area 51 in the 1960s as an aircraft flying zone was used for testing. Some Consipiresi Mutabik- Theory ‘Aliens have been spotted here. “