China is the world’s most populous country and its population is approximately 1 billion 35 million. There are some secrets to China, the world does not know about them and want the Chinese people of the world do not have information. We are aware of these secrets. What are these things …
Are killed straight shot
All countries have relaxed a little in the process of punishment. But China continues its old attitude. The criminals hanged or shot by chemical attack is not. Many people around the world in 2005 was sentenced to death, they were more than four times the figure in China alone.

Many cities are haunting
China has an estimated 6 million to 50 million houses are empty, which includes several towns where no one lives. It is rather shabby old or created entirely new towns and buildings, taking into account the growing population of people who potentially were made.
Vacant mall
China can proudly boast of the fact that his country is the longest mall. Its name is the New South China Mall, which has 2350 stores and 70 million square feet is available for rent. But here the problem is that since it opened 7 years is 99 percent empty. There are a few fast food stores near the main entrance. There are more such malls.