Happiness lies in the small things is what we all say, but often we ignore those small things in search of the big ones – big love, big happiness, big surprises, big smiles. As the relationship grows so does the distance because there are no bigger moments – big dates, surprise visits and showers of gifts and flowers. When this happens go back to the small things, try doing these little things together to keep the passion of love and affection burning.Take a shower together: Sounds romantic right? Then what stops you from doing this daily. Even five minutes in the shower can help revive the intimacy that you are losing. Too tied up to have a shower in the morning together? Try a bubble bath or a quick shower in the evening.Share the blanket: To stay together it isn’t enough to just share the bed, share the blanket too. Snuggle, caress and kiss under the covers. If it isn’t a wild night of action these little things talk volumes of your love.Eat one meal together: Or probably share a plate. No it’s not disgusting, it’s fun to eat from the same plate and get even closer at the dining table.Read a book or watch a TV show: Now who said intimacy is all about touch and kisses, it is about intellectual bonding too. So sit and get comfortable in your couch with each other and read a book just a page or two, probably a love story or an autobiography that you both like. Have different interests? Read separately but sit together anyway. Or watch a comedy show or rom-com before hitting the bed.Do chore together: Share the load, whether it is doing the dishes, cleaning the backyard or just arranging the antiques. Choose one task for the day. It gives a sense of accomplishment when the work is done and both of you end up feeling closer to each other.Share your stress: Unfortunately this can’t be shared, but talk to your partner. Sometimes, a patient ear is all you need to melt your stresses away. However, give your partner the same comfort when it’s his/her turn to talk. Love can never be just a one way thing.Laugh out loud: Share a joke. Make it a ritual to laugh together. Not everyone is good at humour, but if you are make use of it. You can always watch something that makes the other person laugh and lift your spirits.