You may be hard to believe, but in India, to which the public place is Illegal. Despite being the world’s largest democracy in this country and many other such things which have been banned in developed countries is legal. So, today we’re going to tell you about all those in this country who have been banned or Illegal. Porn films also retain BANNED ….
Sunny Leoni Bollywood in India, even though that may come easily, but in fact he was previously attached to the profession, he can not work in India. That is not the porn business in India, can do so famous nor fade. Indian law making porn films, to produce or does not allow her to keep. If you get caught doing so, you could be jailed. It is another matter that much here to access porn sites is easier than in other countries. Some time ago, the Centre had tried to ban porn sites, too, but they had to change their decision after protests.
Public Place What BAN
Freedom for all people, even if the laws of India, but what public place is an offense. Many times couples sitting in the park, you also must have read the news of the police action. The reasoning is that section 294 of Indian Penal Code considers crime to the public on the Place obscenity. However, no concrete definition of obscenity is not. Kiss of Love campaign against it, as also are organized.
BAN exhibition of female models in stores
Statue of local authorities in Mumbai bikini clad models in stores to display is also banned. The officials argued that it becomes corrupted minds of men
Banned dance bars!

Maharashtra government ban on dance bars and pubs have kept women. However, the Court has ruled against it. But despite the government is appealing against the judgment of the Court. Because of this one-time flourishing in dance bars had stopped trading.
Homosexuality BAN
Homosexuality is banned in India. However, the High Court once it was removed from the list of crimes. But again, the Supreme Court declared the Illegal. If a couple is Homosekshual because the police can catch him and he may need to go to jail.
Alcohol advertising BAN
Alcohol advertising is banned in India. Because alcohol companies reach people invokes different mediums. Like many companies that promote non-alcoholic soda brand. However, on the other hand, drinking a few states, including Gujarat, have also been banned. Bihar is the latest name on the list.
Beef is also banned in some places in India. The Maharashtra government had banned in 2015 to sell beef. If caught doing so up to 10 thousand rupees fine and 5 years in prison could be. Those who believe the sacred cow animal government in other states are seeking to ban it.