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Some of which are found in sea creatures Derwane Following the first 100 times you will think of going to sea. These creatures are scary as being extremely fierce. Hundreds fangs into someone’s mouth, then a 46-foot long. Here we tell you about these marine organisms are 10 scary. These creatures only man is eaten alive …
C Kriacr Lampree is a monster. It traps prey badly. Hundreds fangs found in the mouth of the victim, take the meat out. This man will eat you alive. A strange sort of Lampree Slaiwa releases, which stops blood clotting. Excessive bleeding that leads to the death of the man. The teeth in the mouth. Adult size of 47 inches and a weight of 2.3 kg Lampree. 7 gills behind its eye. Yellow is the color of the top, olive and brown. The different color on the belly.