Boyfriends are cool, but sometimes girlfriends can totally rock our world too.As they say, men will be men, and at times it feels like our ideal partner should have been a woman. After all, their understanding is top notch! Whether going shopping together, or pubbing, women know exactly what the other person is thinking. Guys, we wish you understood us the same way. However, here’s a list of things why we think having girlfriends are better!
1) Because SELFIES
Guys cannot pout for crying out loud, of course our KJO can. But girlfriends are the best mate for this activity and you know that. The perfect duck face, fish face or even the “yeah right” face, women have mastered the act of taking selfies.2) Because THOSE DAYS
This is probably the biggest reason because women would understand this so much better than men. When we say we want vanilla ice cream with a side of brownie and chocolate sauce, that is exactly what we want. Please don’t bring strawberry or chocolate ice cream instead. *facepalm* oh! and please leave us alone for sometime.
3) Because SHOPPING
30-50% at Forever 21, guys you will not understand this feeling. This is something that is extremely important to ladies and they’ve got to do it ASAP, lest stock runs out. What alcohol is to men, shopping is to women!
Believe it or not, the struggle is real. So, if you are waiting outside for let’s say 15 minutes and the lady shows up with winged liner, discussion over!5) Because TALKING
We love to talk okay. About the LBD we saw at Zara, or even the cute ballerinas, or Mean Girls, or how Beyonce killed it in the video. Seems legit?
6) Because EMOJIS
We like to use a lot of those in our text messages. It’s just expressive alright. Also, that happy smile is pretty sarcastic so beware. Going out and getting drunk is not cool okay? #codesofrelationship
7) Because SPA
Spa Day is an important day in our lives. One day when we finally get to pamper ourselves righteously. No work, no brainstorming just pampering. We deserve it after a hard week.
Oh by the way guys, the “xoxo” stands for hugs and kisses. Every woman knows this, so please.