Black Magic is banned in India. But even the earliest people to solve their problems, not just believe this is the magic Block Her practice also. Here we are going to tell about India’s 7 places where black magic is still here we meet the massive skeletons and skulls …
Orissa Kushabdra riverside indicated the practice of black magic. There are also numerous reports of attacks on people. So far, no conclusive evidence has been found of this. But when the police received complaints of searching found many things here which suggests that the practice of black magic is here. It found more than 20 skeletons and bones. Along with animal skulls, flowers and pieces of clothing were also found here.
Sultanshashi, Hyderabad
Activities like black magic of this place is supposed to be haunted. Here’s some sage who lived marriage to overcome the difficulties faced by women have sex. Here the women are black magic solution to the trouble to ask for sex from a boy. Sultanshashi run lodge where some people are practicing black magic. Nevertheless, there is no law to prevent black magic in Andhra Pradesh.
Peringotukara Kerala
Small village in Thrissur, Kerala evidence to black magic. As a result, the village has become quite famous. Tourists come here to see the black magic. The rock and Kuttictton avatar of Vishnu riding a buffalo and remove the hassles of life. The priest put a different kind of rock that Pujaan.
Mogulpura, Ctrinka and Shahilbanda, Old Hyderabad
The sights of the old Hyderabad Illegal activities such as superstition and black magic are known for. They have made the profession. People who play with the feelings of the victims of black magic. They claim that they worship wooden dolls of all their problems will be.
Cemeteries Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
In Varanasi, the Tantric black magic called Agori Sadhus. The mechanism at the crematorium cultivate. They say the black magic sorcerer Lord Shiva, Kali Mata do to please them and make them more powerful.
Nimtla Ghat, Kolkata
Kolkata Nimtla pier indicating black magic. Agori come here at night to practice black magic. Agori crematorium here late at night, and even after the burning pyre eat leftover meat and powers it needed to generate calls.
Mayong, Assam
Mayong has become another name for black magic. It is believed that in Mayong illusions, in Sanskrit meaning, is illusory. Many people disappearing in the air, hundreds of cases of people being transformed into animals arrived.