Follow these tips to give your scalp a little relief:

1. Use A Moisturizing Shampoo:

You need to be careful about choosing the right cleanser for your scalp. Make sure that it is a moisturizing shampoo, which would prevent your hair and scalp from drying out even more. A gentle formula is something you should opt for. Moreover, use cool water while shampooing your hair since hot water can have a drying effect.

2. Use A Hydrating Conditioner:
Since shampooing your hair often takes away essential oil from your hair, make sure that you follow up with a good quality conditioner. Many reputed brands offer nourishing conditioners for dry hair; you may also lay your hands on a leave-in hair conditioner that effectively locks moisture content in your hair strands.

3. Avoid Styling Products:

Products that contain fragrances and alcohol might lead to dry scalp. It is important to trim down the usage of such styling products for your hair. Avoid hair styling gels, mousses and hair sprays because they tend to dry out your hair in the long run. In fact, subjecting your hair to heat (for instance, when you use a blow dryer) can also make your hair look dry and dull! So, stay away from these things if you want to be free of dry scalp.

4. Oil Treatments (Two Or Three Times A Week):

Oil treatments work wonders for dry scalp. Coconut oil is easily available and is a well-known moisturizer. Apply warm coconut oil on your scalp and massage gently till the oil is completely absorbed. This practice will hydrate and relieve the flaky dry scalp. Alternately, you can also use olive oil. Olive oil not only has a moisturizing effect, but also helps in retaining the moisture content of your scalp. After the oil treatment, wash off your hair and scalp thoroughly with a mild shampoo.

5. Use Essential Oils:

Lemon grass essential oil works wonders for dry scalp, especially if you have dry scalp, yet oily hair. For oily hair-dry scalp combination, you need to choose an essential oil that has astringent properties. You may like to combine the essential oil treatment with the regular hot oil treatment that you use. Lavender essential oil can hydrate dry scalp and at the same time, cleanse your scalp and tone it. Sandalwood essential oil can be used for cleaning, soothing and moisturizing dry scalp effectively as well.

6. Scalp Exfoliation:

Dry scalp results in flaky surface and to treat this problem, you need to exfoliate your scalp. Try olive oil and sugar scrub for this purpose. Add brown sugar granules to olive oil and saturate your scalp with it. Massage your scalp and then, shampoo as usual. This will not only remove the dry flakes but also help to stimulate the sebaceous glands.

7. Egg-Yoghurt Treatment:

Egg contains proteins and yoghurt is a natural moisturizer. Mix an egg with four spoons of yoghurt. Add two spoons of honey and a spoon of almond oil. Combine the ingredients into a smooth batter and apply it on your hair and scalp. Do it once a week to reap the best benefits.