There are different kinds of people in the world. Because of his strange habits become different, so different by nature someone sends. Here we are going to tell you about some of these people. If someone’s height is very much known for being a dirty way to do what Hakbvoyfrend trouble …
The 17-year-old Brazilian model’s height is 6 feet 9 inches. Iliseni da Cruz Silva Pituiteri tumors in Gland, because their height is increasing. Doctors say the operation to remove the tumor may prevent her height. Iliseni tell me no trouble, except from a height of more than my height my boyfriend what he has to bow down to me enough.
The man of 60 years not bathed
About 60 to 80 years Hadij Amo are not taking a shower. The Iran Dejagah live completely alone. The waste from all around, dust prefer to stay loose. Hadij not like to talk to people at large lips Krteksbse record
Christina is the name of the record for the biggest lips. They have made the implant Lips. They have adopted the look for duck face selfie.
Handstand walks this guy

The photographer and art director of France’s force can walk hand. A few days ago, it was to share their photos on the internet were viral.
This boy is not fat in the body
Tom Stanford nose This guy is not fat in the body. The body can not store fat. The MDP is suffering from Syndrome. 8 people around the world suffering from this strange disease occur.
These tiny baby born with such a large mole
But many people are born with and sesame Berthamarks Columbia this child is born with a different mole. Which is bigger than its back. In fact, this child is a victim of medical disorders. The mole can be removed after the operation.
Eyes could pull out Kim Goodman called this woman’s eyes can fully excavated.