Much of India’s population depends on the railways to travel. Traveling Experience easy and comfortable due to the railway in India has always been the first choice. But there are many things related to Indian Railways in which many people are not aware. Today we are going to tell you the same 11 facts related to Indian Railways. Loco pilots get paid so …

Railway loco pilot’s job is quite a responsibility. Travelling time is up to them over the life of many people. The loco pilot responsible for work, there is a substantial salary. Rajdhani Express is loco pilots salary increases according to experience. Senior loco pilot’s salary about 55 thousand to 60 thousand can be. Well, come Changes in amount according to the different routes. How many people visit the railway website?
It can from the fact that the Indian Railways website in a minute about 12 people click. It is astonishing to think how many servers to handle such requests have been used.
Railways had ever taken the help of elephants
Bogie of the train in the past to shift from one place to another place help elephants were taken.
India’s longest railway station name
“Venktnrsimhrajuwaripta station in India is the longest station name.
And here is the name of India’s smallest railway station
Jharsuguda in Orissa’s Ib (Ib) railway station, named India’s smallest railway station.
These trains are notorious for delays
Indian railways time to walk down the Guwahati-Trivandrum Express is discredited. The train moving average ten to twelve hours late.