Bollywood , the land of glamour, is also the land of money. While there are
movies that earn hundreds of crores of rupees at the ticket counters, there
also are movies that take crores to be made. Not only that, there have been
instances of particular sequences or songs that are made in Bollywood that
cost quite a lot to the producers, but the sheer passion of filmmaking allows
them to flow their money like water.


Take the example of the recently released song Deewani Mastani from the
upcoming movie Bajirao Mastani . The set that represents the place of
performing arts in the palace of Peshwa Bajirao, played by Ranveer Singh,
is too huge to be ignored, even as Deepika Padukone, who plays Bajirao’s
lover Mastani, looks ethereal while performing the song with a mandolin in
her hands.


The mirror work looks exquisitely defined in the movie; the scene where
Bajirao’s wife Kashibai, played by Priyanka Chopra, sits surrounded by the
reflections of Mastani as she dances for her newfound love makes you
wonder how much effort must have gone by in taking the particular shot.