Mahabalipuram South India is a mysterious stone which has been stuck awkwardly on a 45-degree slope. Some people believe that it is placed here by God in the eyes of some, it is an act of Alien.
Arthur Lawley, Governor of Madras in 1908 show that it had tried to move with the help of 7 elephants, but were unsuccessful. The stones have been here for nearly 1300 years and its weight is said to be close to 2 million 26 thousand kg. To view it seems that it could fall at any time, even though I came close to it Kinchana prefer camper. This stone is known as Krishna’s Butter Ball or Waniray yesterday.
However, in the opinion of Jiolojists natural stone formation is a condition. However, some analysts appear to disagree. Stone height of about 20 feet. The report also says that some of the stone gravity challenges. But according to local belief, God put it here because they wanted to show their power.