At least seven policemen and a passerby were injured when a roadside bomb hit a Rapid Response Force (RRF) van near Warsak Road on Thursday morning.

As per details, the van carrying police officials was patrolling in Darmangi Village when the bomb exploded, injuring seven cops.

Police and rescue officials arrived at the scene and shifted the injured to Lady Reading Hospital where one of them is said to be in critical condition.

Last week, the security forces killed four gunmen wearing suicide-bomb vests on Warsak Road. The terrorists were trying to target attack Christian Colony near Warsak Dam, 20 km (12 miles) northwest of Peshawar.

The official said the attackers might have been attempting to enter an adjacent security installation by exploiting weaker security arrangements in the residential area.

Last Thursday, DG ISPR Lt Gen Asim Bajwa briefed the media on the progress of the military’s two-year-old offensive against terrorists in the rugged areas bordering Afghanistan.

Bajwa released figures showing that terrorist attacks had fallen from a total of 128 in 2013, with 46 of those suicide attacks, to 74 last year, including 17 suicide attacks.

He also said authorities had arrested more than 300 people attempting to set up an Islamic State operation in Pakistan. He added that the armed forces had killed 3,500 militants since 2014.

“There used to be multiple attacks in a day across the country. And we came into (attacks every few) days. And we came into months (between major attacks),” Bajwa said.

However, he acknowledged Pakistan still faced a tough fight.

“I have said our objective is zero tolerance for any terrorist incidents,” he said. “We want to get there.”