There are many such cases in the world, more than normal weight babies are born. The weight and size was more than normal children. Normal Newborn baby weighs 3.5kg with a 4kg. Weighing more the child is born, he is ejected. Here we have a similar case in parts of the world you are going to tell. When the children were born 7 to 8 kilograms. That is why …
Mekrosomia such case is called. These children are born heavier and larger than normal size. The biggest reason is to have diabetes before or during pregnancy. Also to gain weight over time than Prengnesi such cases are formed.
St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital, the heaviest baby born in Florida
Born in the hospital, the baby’s weight was about 6.5kg. The heaviest child in Florida. The funny thing is that the child’s mother at 3 months was not aware of their pregnancy. The child’s mother says Maksjendra that made me realize that it was during the delivery will be larger than 10 pounds.