Women than men, often considered weak. People who believe that men can work, it can not women. But the 36-year-old bodybuilder Yasmin Chauhan, a resident of Uttar Pradesh Mnk may change the thinking of people seeing. He recently organized by the International Federation of Body Building in 2016 won the title of Miss India event.
Currently living with her husband in Gurgaon Yasmin says childhood I was very thin. Be treated for weight gain, but in vain. People used to call me ugly, but I do not mind his words, because I used to consider myself ugly. But I was convinced that one day I will look gorgeous appearance, how they did not know.
After Jim fortunes changed
Yasmin said I went to college after school Pasaut, then I decided to go to the gym. At the time I was 17 years old. However, it was hard for girls to go to the gym, but the support of my family members and I started going to the gym every day. The Diskrej too many people I used to, but I never paid attention to his words. Jim not only because of my confidence back, but I also appeared beautiful and attractive.
Jim opened himself
Yasmin has opened a gym in Gurgaon, in which 300 people. She is the first time to join a gym so he is surprised to hear about me. Here is the first question that a girl trainer and gym? They would not believe me. But I tell them that if I trained in the gym, the girls could do a man a woman why boys can not trend.
Bullet Run hobby
Yasmin, plus bullet-run love powerlifting. She says that when I was in Goa, the first bullet was steered. I enjoyed it, since I was a fan of the bullet. Yasmin himself diligent, strong and focused women subscribe. She says that if I have something for you deciding goal so I can not stop him from getting any.