Sixty-seven institutions of higher education will participate in the U.S. Education Department’s pilot program to make Pell Grants available to prison inmates, the department announced on Friday.

The department announced the program in July of last year. Its rollout comes more than 20 years after Congress prohibited inmates from receiving Pell Grants.

“The evidence is clear,” said the U.S. education secretary, John B. King Jr., in a news release. “Promoting the education and job training for incarcerated individuals makes communities safer by reducing recidivism and saves taxpayer dollars by lowering the direct and collateral costs of incarceration.”

Participating two- and four-year colleges and universities will team up with state and federal correctional institutions, according to the department, and will teach inmates in physical classrooms at those facilities, online, and a hybrid of the two. Only inmates who are “likely to be released within five years of enrolling in coursework” are eligible to take part, according to the department.

Here’s a list of participating institutions, including their partner correctional institutions and the credentials they will be offering.