Easter Island, Chile One of the island, where the largest collection of about 600 sculptures are placed. These are called Maai. It is said that despite flexing striker would not harm them, except for minor scratches. The mysterious sculptures weighing about 100 tons and are 30-40 feet long. What is special about these sculptures …
Important thing is that they look almost the same as all the sculptures are cast from the same mold as everyone has. They always took the question remains living proof that when there is not any on the island met with them on the island who would come? He also has a statue or two, but on the whole island has more than 600 statue. So also must have brought them out to be the reason? Or so the weight would have brought the stone to get the numbers. This is about the people that come to the island many years ago by aliens and they had to build their own half, they had fled in the middle.
So what is the truth?
These statues of the Rapa Nui people had called. They were created in honor and memory of the ancestors. These sculptures were being lead to the reputation. They are trying to make the trees were cut, because there came a time for people to eat and become troublesome. The idols of the people left the work incomplete.