Worldwide there are several islands where tourists tend to ENJOY your holiday. These islands are located and beeches people plenty allowance. But worldwide there are several islands, where it is not safe to go. None of these ghosts on the island of poisonous snakes in the discussion so far on terror. So, today we are told about the 6 islands. Here is the secret of snakes …
Snake Island, Brazil

Brazil, 32 kilometers from the coast of Sao Paulo is located in the middle of the sea, giving Kveimada Ilha Grande island. Snakes are the only place humans on the island. Here, 4,000 different types of snakes are found, which specializes in killing any of their poison. Several snakes on the island, which jumped in the air birds prey.
– The Brazilian government over the ban is in place to anyone.
– Yet many scientists go to the research.
– In addition to the smuggling of contraband snakes are on the island.