Sex always feels great. But doing it twice or thrice feels phenomenal. If you do not want to stop at round one, follow these tips to turn on your woman after sex to have the ultimate romp of your life.Touch her: Before she thinks that you are done for the night, let your fingers wander towards her navel and her waist. Tease her a little but remember to keep it gentle and slow. This way you will only set the mood for the next session.Snuggle up: Don’t just rush out of the bed. Instead, hold her close with your arms around her waist. Show her your love and caress her. All that caressing doesn’t need to be sexual, but it can lead up to something like that.Take a shower together: She may not even think about round 2 when you are sweaty and messy. The best way to sort that is to take a shower together. Lather the shower gel all over the body while she does the same for you to set up the mood for great sex.Drink some wine: A glass of wine can be a subconscious turn-on for her especially after the sex session. So bring out a wine bottle and raise a toast. She will be more relaxed and comfortable and won’t shy away from talking about her desires.Make her wear your shirt: Before she jumps into her lingerie, give her your slightly transparent loose shirt to wear. She will love wearing it and instantly feel sexier about herself. You can ask her not to wear her lingerie so that it doesn’t come in between when you want to strip off the T-shirt.Give her a massage: Right after sex, a hand massage can ease her tensed muscles. She will not only feel loved and cared, but you will have her estrogen levels running up in no time.