A perfect date is always not about just the right conversation or the right place. Of course, your intelligence and confidence will make you more desirable, but there is a lot more you can do if you want to get laid with her. These tips will help.Look at her lips: Stare at her lips now and then while you are talking to her. She will surely notice it, and it will be a big turn on for her, thinking that you cannot wait to kiss her. And if she asks you why you are looking at her lips you have won the jackpot. Don’t shy away from letting her know that you cannot wait to kiss her.Whisper something naughty: Whisper into her ears something that will catch her off guard. Say something like, ‘I cannot wait to kiss you from head to toe’. Try this trick if you are sure that she likes you or you are already dating her.Wink: Also, do not stop looking into her eyes and give her a naughty wink. Do this while saying something incredibly flirtatious and she will not be able to stop thinking about what is going on in your mind.Gently touch her: Brush your hands against her arms while you are walking. When you are sitting in a cafe, let your fingertips slide around her for a moment. Try not to make it look deliberate. Your accidental touches can give her goose bumps.Linger hands on her shoulder: If you feel that you are enjoying her touch, place your hand on your shoulder. Let your fingers linger on for a minute and she will love all that touch.Get close to her: And when you finally drive her back home, park your car in an isolated place, get closer to her and look deep into her eyes. Just the thought that you want to kiss her the next second will drive her crazy in anticipation.