Marriage and its associated traditions are everywhere, whether in India or America. All these traditions are also considered. Some traditions are bizarre and obey these regions are also different. Here we are going to tell you about something similar traditions Hankjinhen American play with all my strength. Bride in wedding dress before the wedding to see …
The bride before the wedding in the US believe that the bedding is unlucky to see the dress. If a boy sees his bride before the wedding, her Married life is not good. When and where this tradition came from the US do not know they do but follow him.
Borrowing wears undergarments
Bride in wedding blue, something old and something new is required to wear. It is believed that good luck comes. Old is new, representing the past, the new life. Bride wearing women are also some old Andergarment borrowing. It is believed that children are born early. Brings good luck to wear blue.
The bride must walk in arms lifted
The bridegroom took the lap runs. It is believed that evil spirits wait lying down. If the boy is considered unlucky stumble or a fall wedding and the marriage if he is removed from the rest is good.
Bride’s shoes on the bumper of the car that bind
After the wedding, the bride when the boy takes home the groom give the bride’s shoes, his father, the groom ties on the bumper of the car. It means that the girl now has the right to the groom and the groom’s house, the girl can not run anymore.
Walking on Glass of Wine
He is also a recognition that the wedding announcements meant to break the glass.
Brides wear white
American brides are always visible in white gowns. It has become a tradition. Indeed this tradition began in 1840 with the marriage of Queen Victoria. He wore a wedding dress in white gowns. The White Silk Dress Cetin said. Since then it has become a fashion statement for the bride and the brides were wearing white gown.