We all have our preferred sleep position that gives us the most peaceful sleep. There is more to sleeping position than just a comforting slumber. Your body language at night suggests many things, including what kind of guy/girl you want. Here’s what your favoured sleep position says about the guy you want to date.

It is the position in which a person is curled on one side and her legs bent. It is one of the most popular sleep positions in women. The position tells that you are tough from outside, but soft inside. She is shy and sensitive. The girls with this favoured sleep position take time to know people, but ultimately relax and get friendly. They tend to connect with a guy who is romantic and works his way to win her heart.

It is a simple position in which you can lie on your back with your arms straight by your sides. Those who sleep in this sleep position are more likely to be disciplined and of a reserved nature. They set high expectations for others and want to be with a charismatic man.

The position is characterised by lying on the back with legs sprawled and arms stretched up near the head. Strafish sleepers don’t like being the centre of attention and make friendship a priority. They are more likely to fall for someone who is mature and knows how to treat them good.

The position can be defined as sleeping on the stomach with heads turned to the side and arms curled close to the chest or underneath the pillow. Those who sleep in this position are more likely to be sociable and brash. However, they are also inwardly nervous and often sensitive to criticism. What they look for in a guy is confidence. He shouldn’t get jealous of other men nor feel threatened by his girlfriend’s male friends or co-workers.

The log position refers to lying on your side with legs straight and both arms resting at your sides. A girl with this sleep position is easy-going and trusting in her daily lives. She is attracted to a guy who is sweet-talker and keeps her happy.

If you sleep on your side with both arms stretched out in front, you sleep in the yearner position. Most girls who have it as their favoured sleep position are open personalities, but also are prone to suspicion. All they want from a guy is to trust and treat them well.

The way you sleep gives startling insights into your personality. Your outlook on life, mood, and other aspects about you can be determined by the sleep position you favour. However, these conclusions are based on researches and survey. You may have different personality and your preferences for a guy may also differ.