Mahabharata’s 18-day Kurukshetra war has lots of interesting tales and stories connected with it. While many of them are known to us, some stories still remain unfamiliar. These stories are of those characters of Mahabharata, who not only played important roles in the epic, but without them, the story wouldn’t be complete. Read on.

Krishna Marries Iravat
Iravat, son of Arjun and Naga princess Uloopi, sacrificed himself to Goddess Kali to ensure the victory of his father and his team in the Kurukshetra war. However, his last wish was quite tricky. He didn’t want to die as a bachelor and it was difficult to convince any girl to marry a man who would die in few days. So, Lord Krishna took the form of a nubile Mohini, married Iravat and even wept like a widow after her husband died.
Mahurat of the War
Sahadeva was a great astrologer. This was the reason why Duryodhan visited him to ask for the mahurat (right time) to begin the war. Sahadeva, knew the future of the war and Duryodhan was his enemy too, but still, he disclosed everything to him as his duty. At the same time, Sahdeva could not warn Duryodhan because he had a curse: The moment he would reveal the future he would die.