6 Dangerous women in the world

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Husband-wife relationship is based on love. Both have promised to support each other for life. This is the type of relationship minor altercation. But often the result of misunderstandings between the two was quite terrifying takes the form. Today we are going to tell the world about the 6 women, who burned to death her husband alive. Husband’s affair was the angry, set fire to the private parts …
Rajini Narayan, who lives in Australia in December 2008, the private parts in his sleeping Husband poured petrol on fire. Her husband Satish Narayan was troubled by this sudden attack, and held up his bottle of spirits was Udel. A fire broke out and he was severely injured. Died 20 days after the crash. However, the statement to police that he only Rajni Satish wanted to harm the private parts. Murder was not his intention.

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