Lifestyle Add to innovation, bringing freshness and free from such new efforts are being made. Coffee pods have been far off somewhere free of advertisements city. These cities have been added to the health of people with sanitation. Also, there are some cities that are moving along with technology and new acquaintances are made for better lifestyle. Know what are the city …
Helsinki (Finland)
The capital of Finland in 2025, “Mobility on Demand” is intended to start. The smartphone app is being created, in which people will be able to search through the cheap and good transportation. The carpool, taxi, motorbike and will involve ferries. Any person using the app will be able to pay during the visit.
Oslo (Norway)
Oslo’s new authorities to ban cars from cities by 2019 is planned. It has begun a phased manner. The aim of this decision is to reduce pollution by 2020, half of the city. Pollution levels in the city will come to 1990 levels. In addition, 2050 will eliminate dependence on fossil fuels.
Bogota (Colombia)
The rapid transport more passengers to reach the destination network has been prepared in order not to increase the number of cars on the road. Separate lanes for buses and high speed for cars is different. Ticket prices are kept low enough buses so more people can meet them. One day in 2000 and a year ‘Car Free Day is being celebrated.
Seoul, South Korea)
The advances made in technology and open data, the town is famous throughout the world for the fastest broadband. Mayor Park Woon-Sun’s leadership was announced in 2017 that all public places such as bus and sub-high-speed Wi-Fi access will be installed. With this ‘Seyrhb’ Service begins in which financial transactions would be easy.
Milan, Italy)
Battling pollution of the city administration’s new plan to attract people. The cycle will run under his office, the administration will have. The pilot scheme will be based on the French model, which is given at each km. This app would also be set, which cyclist will also be traced.
Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Brazil in 2006 in the city “clean city” law has evolved and implemented. Mayor Gilberto Kseb Htwaa buildings or markets advertising altogether. It is also called ad-free city. 10 years ago the decision was taken to make the whole city is clean. Chennai, Vermont (USA) and Tehran also have done so.