The heart of the 25-year-old Stan Mishignkamerika Tronsplant Larkin said. Its first-half years they were living without a heart. Doctors had put him Ortifishiyl Hart. They maintained their blood circulation in the body. Stan because 24 hours had to keep in the bag with the artificial heart. What’s the matter ..
– Actually, Stan and his brother Dominic Larkin was revealed that he Heriditi Cardiomyopathy is a disease in childhood.
– The heart never stops working without alerts. The disease is quite rare. Yet, the brothers never lost confidence.
– They lived a normal life. Suddenly in 2014, both brothers were admitted to hospital.
– Doctors said his heart must Tronsplant.
– Because of the donor after doctors decided to artificial heart.
– Younger brother in January 2015 to find a donor heart was Tronsplant. Stan got on the donor in May.
Stan are 555 days without heart
– Stan 555 days are alive with the help of artificial heart. This is a record in itself.
– The artificial heart weighs 6 kg (13.5 pounds) was. Stan also played several times wearing Bosketbal. Doctors were surprised to see it.
– Stan said: – “I have been discharged from the hospital two weeks ago after Tronsplant.”
– “I am very happy that I now also be able to race. I want to say thank you to the donors who have given me new life.”
– “I would love to see his family one day course. I hope they will see me.”