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Russia’s super-rich 55-year-old man of 18, is married to model. Important thing is that Velentin Ivanov was dating model 4 years already, when the girl was 14 years old. Velentin government oil company in Russia, who was managing director. Delete after private photos to share …
Velentin Elijaveta Adamenco his girlfriend married in France. Both now live in Singapore. Elijaveta model is very popular on Instagram to share photos of her glamorous lifestyle is well-liked. With expensive cars and a yacht can be seen in his photos. The model also posted some personal photos of her husband, but later deleted some.
According to the Russian publication Prospect Mira, Russia and Singapore, in both countries the age of consensual sex is 16 years, but the couple have been dating since then, when the girl was 14 years old. However, older models are criticized for men to marry, but he gave those answers on Instagram. The model is a good relationship between us and wrote that I am going to celebrate Velentin’s 55th birthday.