144 kg seized after random inspection on bus; driver, conductor also arrested.The Rajasthan police Thursday seized 144 kg of poppy husk from 55 passengers of a bus in Hanumangarh district, during a random inspection. As many as 53 of the passengers are from Punjab.
Vijay Mina, SHO, Pilibanga in Hanumangarh district, said, “Fifty-three passengers, including 10 women, who were held after the inspection are from Punjab. They said they are from Bathinda, Malaut and Lambi areas.”
Mina added, “We had stopped the bus Thursday evening for a routine check and were shocked to see that all were carrying poppy husk. They had come from Jodhpur district’s Bhav and Phlaudi area from where they had purchased the stock and later had struck a deal with the bus driver to come back to their destinations.”
He told,”As for the other two passengers, one is from Hanumangarh and the other from Haryana. The bus driver and conductor have been identified as Bhima Ram and Himmat Ram respectively and they are both from Jodhpur. They too have been arrested.”Police said the passengers had purchased poppy husk from a dealer at the rate of Rs 2,800 a kg while in Punjab it is priced at more than Rs 6000 a kg. Poppy husk vends in Rajasthan have been closed from April 1 and husk is available to licence holders of Rajasthan only through government hospitals.