With her flawless skin and attractive body, China’s Ye Wen can give competition to any girl in her twenties. 50-year-old Wen, who is a mother of one, looks younger than many girls who are in their twenties.
After the internet went crazy over her bikini photos that she shared on the social media, people are surprised to know that she is over 50. Wen gives the credit of her young looks to her fitness regime. Wen says that she started swimming when she was 30 and since then she has become more serious about her fitness regime.
In March she swam across the straits of Malacca and now wants to swim the Han River in South Korea. Wen swims daily at the local swimming pool and heads to the gym two to three times in a week.
Wen hopes that she would be able to wear a bikini even after she is 80. It seems that the woman has many fans online. She has more than 3-million mentions on China’s social networking site Weibo.
Check out her hot pictures that to get some serious fitness goals…