Usually we give a lot of importance to our physical shape, but don’t give as much thought to the health of our brain and how to keep it sharp. Healthy practices in many areas of life will help you keep your brain, as well as your body, in good shape. Here are few easy and natural ways to do so.
Brisk walking, swimming, aerobics and yoga in mid-life helps prevent memory problems that often come with aging. Mild to moderate exercise is all it takes just that one should do it regularly.
An active brain stays sharp and continues to produce new connections between nerve cells. Doing crosswords, reading, playing games such as chess, and learning a new hobby helps our brain.
A diet that is low in saturated fats, sugar, bleached white flour and junk foods and which has an abundance of colorful fruits and veggies will keep your brain sharp as well as keeping your body trim and protect you against diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
Stress also damages your brain by releasing damaging hormones. Avoid stressful situations by turning to nature, doing yoga, meditations, etc.