If you’re a bookworm and not a particularly organised person, you’re sure to have tons of books lying around the house. It is easy to segregate your book collection in an organised and functional manner, this not makes your work easy but also makes your work and space a lot more clear and consistent. Here are a few ways you can organise your book shelf —
1. Categorise it alphabetically: One of the best ways and the most common method of organising your book shelf is by arranging the books according to the alphabets. You can either do it by the author’s first or last name or by organising it according to the book title.
2. According to genre: This is the easiest way to organise your books and also find them when you are looking to read a particular genre. Make separate shelves for comedies, classics, thriller, suspense etc.
3. Colour coded: You can turn your book shelf into a giant rainbow by arranging them according to the colour of the book. For example, if most of your books are black and white, you can create a monochrome section.
4. Arrange according to publications: If you do not wish to mix your books, the ideal way to arrange them is by separating them according to the publisher. You can build different sections for each publisher, so that you do not get confused while arranging your books.
5. According to emotions: You don’t have to ideally follow the usual method of arranging books. You can do it a bit differently. If there are books that have been gifted to you by friends and family, you can make a separate section for them and label it accordingly. While the books that you have bought for yourself can be organised in another section and labeled.