1. Bury your past : You might have had one or more relationships in the past which didn’t work out due to reasons best known to you. The way you parted ways with your partner(s) could be giving you nightmares even now — and may be, the wounds are yet to heal. However, you would be doing a grave mistake if you stick to your past and hesitate to initiate a new relationship. It’s high time you erased those memories gone sour and started looking forward to an all-new love life with an optimistic mind.2. Stop being self-centered : A commitmentphobic person is typically self-obsessed. You tend to give more importance to your preferences and emotions when you have commitment issues. Be it your colleagues, or other friends, or people whom you come across very often — empathise with them — get to know their issues, try lending them a helping hand and be a part of their happiness. Always try to believe firmly in the ‘give and take’ aspect of life and implement that in the day-to-day activities if possible.
3. Spend some time with couples : Given the character trait of someone who suffers from the issue, it is likely that he/she tends to move more closely with singles and those who believe in short-term relations. Though that is fine, make sure that you spend some time to develop friendship with married couples and others who believe in long-term relations, too, which would likely trigger the need for a caring partner in you. At the end of the day, what influences you and your thoughts are the people around you, their actions and lifestyle.
4. Get to know yourself : Do a self-analysis and get to know whether you really want to change as a person by trying your luck in a new relation. If you’re forcing yourself to please others or due to any other reasons, which would lead to lack of complete involvement, the end result could be disastrous. Hence, it is advisable that you make up your mind completely before jumping into a new romantic life, else it could spoil the life of your new partner as well.
5. Seek advice from a friend or two : Though it is you who know more about your strengths and weaknesses, there are times when a friend could suggest you what would suit you the best. Shed your inhibitions and share all your concerns with that one person or people whom you trust to the core, and listen patiently to their suggestions. Sometimes they could surprise you with their advice which can often work wonders in your life. If you’re lucky enough, they could even find/suggest the right partner for you, someone who will understand you, and lead you to a blissful life