Tired of the one-tone nails or the same boring patterns? You don’t have to be a master artist to make your nails look like a masterpiece! Try out some of these simple but amazing nail art ideas and people will be asking you “What’s the occasion?”Applying dots can be stressful and shaky, but you can do it with precision by using a bobby pin.
Simple dip the round part of the bobby pin in the paint and start dotting it!Getting a gradient for your nails may seem nearly impossible without professional help, but you can do it yourself with just two polish colors, a toothpick, and a sponge! Paint your nails with the lighter color first
No-Hassle Patterns
Invest in some patterned scissors and you will have no problems creating any of those edges perfectly on your nails. Simply use the scissors to cut a piece of tape, attach the tape to your nail, and paint away.
Mad Splatter
What could be easier than just throwing the paint on your nails haphazardly? Get your base coat on, and then cover the area around your nails with tape. Now, use straws to splatter different colors of paint onto
Looky Here
This super simple design will have everyone looking, and it’ll look right back! Simply paint a curved line on each of your nails and fill them in with black nail polish.