Worldwide several peculiar laws, which is about surprise. Illegal relations before marriage is somewhere where women are banned from driving. Such radical peculiar law in Iran, who would be surprised to know about. Adopted daughter can marry …
In 2013, a law was passed in Iran, under which any father can marry his adopted daughter. Must be at least 13 years old daughter. However, this law was plenty of opposition.Those who did moderate President Hassan Rowhani, they were pointing fingers at people’s mental ability.
Men’s football is a ban on women in Iran. If a woman does so, it will be considered a violation of law. However, against this law is often performed by women.
8 or 9 year old girl in Iran is a crime, then the government does not consider the girl child, but the adult believes he deserves punishment.
Pets Dog Walking in Iran among the public is prohibited. To do this, he can be arrested. However, according to another law, any citizen of the country can connect with your pet. However, after collaborating or killing that animal feed does not allow any meat. Wild animals, sex is illegal.
If Iran wants to gain a couple of marriage license so it is important to give him an hour lecture on contraception.