So far, it is believed that men are involved in many crimes. But the picture is changing. According to the National Crime Records Bureau report, increasing the number of female criminals. Theft, rape, crimes such as fraud, women are being held. In 2014, approximately 2 million women in India Murder, rape, kidnapping, theft, robbery, are seized. About 30 thousand women in Maharashtra catch criminals …
In Maharashtra alone, 579 women have been arrested for murder. In 2014, 30 568 women were arrested in Maharashtra. It is topped. Famous for Fast Growing Economy and luxurious lifestyle at the state crime against women even further.
Uttar Pradesh
The state is famous for punk Grdi. The criminals seized 17 437 women. It does not follow the law.
16 187 female criminals was arrested in 2014 in Rajasthan. Here women are quite outraged.
14152 girl in Gujarat was arrested criminals. Fact is shocking entry in the list of Gujarat.
West Bengal
12181 women in the State criminals were caught.